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About Us

Elevating Your Safety, Founded in 2023

At Operational Security Inc., our journey began in 2023 with a singular vision – to redefine and expand the horizons of personal security and safety. Founded as a veteran-owned and operated security company, we bring a unique blend of discipline, commitment, and a profound understanding of the importance of safeguarding what matters most.

Our Founding Principles

  • Veteran-Owned and Operated: Operational Security Inc. proudly stands as a testament to the dedication and values instilled by our founder, a veteran with a rich background in security and a passion for ensuring the safety of others. Our veteran ownership sets the tone for the unwavering commitment and integrity that defines our operations.
  • Vision for Safety: The inception of Operational Security Inc. was rooted in a vision to elevate personal security to new heights. We recognized the evolving landscape of threats and the need for a security company that not only meets the current challenges but anticipates and adapts to future ones. Our vision extends beyond conventional security measures, aiming to create an environment where safety is not just a service but a fundamental aspect of life.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Tailored Security Solutions: Understanding that every client and environment is unique, we provide tailored security solutions designed to meet specific needs. Whether it’s safeguarding businesses, residences, or events, our approach is personalized, ensuring optimal protection.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Operational Security Inc. is driven by a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our service. From the professionalism of our trained personnel to the integration of state-of-the-art technology, we continuously strive to set new standards in the security industry.

Our Promise

At Operational Security Inc., our promise is clear – to be your unwavering partner in safety. We go beyond providing security services; we create a sense of security and peace of mind. As we continue to grow and expand our horizons, our dedication to your safety remains steadfast. Trust Operational Security Inc. to be your guardian, ensuring a secure present and a protected future.